Wexford company Brennan’s Brewery has extended their product range with Brennan’s Original Chilli Sauce in a unique partnership with Welsh company Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm.
The partnership was formed through the Bucanier Project, a Government incentive setup by the Irish and Welsh Gov ernment to introduce businesses to each other and create cross border trading in light of the looming Brexit.

“Brennan’s Keeps It Original with Cross Border Partnership”
Brennan’s Original Beer Chilli Sauce is a new line for Brennan’s who recognised a gap and created a sauce in part nership with Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm, dedicated to the ultimate chilli connoisseur who likes their food with a little kick.
Unlike many commercial competitor brands, Brennan’s Original Chilli Sauce is an all-natural sauce made with fresh chillies and three additional ingredients – brown sugar, mustard and spices mixed with the popular Brennan’s Original Beer. It creates a dark brown sticky sauce with a malty and chocolate aroma, flavour before fire.
Brennan’s Original Beer Chilli Sauce has been carefully developed by Prembrokeshire Chilli Farm, derived from a chilli base of Ghost Chillies which delivers an intense delayed heat rather than a ‘burn’. The sauce retains a fresh flavour but still has intense depth – meaning that a little will go a long way!
Original Beer Chilli Sauce is becoming increasingly popular when used as an ingredient, condiment or as an alterna tive to traditional breakfast sauces with many using it to spice up a traditional Irish.
Brennan’s Brewery Original Beer has been getting great reviews since its launch in November 2019, with being listed in TodayFMs “Best Beers For Christmas” show with persenter Matt Cooper loving the beer as well as numerous re views on YouTube and consumers alike.
Brennan’s Original Beer Chilli Sauce has created a bit of a buzz in Wexford since launching with Southeast chain Pet titts SuperValu in September 2020 with Pettitts SuperValu quoting “Glad to have you instore Guys! The Chilli Sauce Is Excellent”. It has partnered well with Original Beer giving the customers a exciting new gift option for the beer and food lover.
Since launching, Brennan’s Brewery has been noticed and has already won an award in it’s first year scooping the “Best Innovation Award” with the Gorey Business Awards in February 2020. They are also a member of the Wex ford Council business support group LoveGorey which give excellent ongoing support and advice in promoting Bren nan’s Brewery within the community.
“it was fantastic to have a local beer on offer in our prime locations such as the Ashdown Park Hotel and on our Main St, it’s exactly what our visitors want to enjoy in the region!” Love Gorey Quote
Brennan’s are continuing to extend their range with new, fun and exciting products using Brennan’s Original Beer, they have linked up with Kate O’Driscoll, who is a Artisan maker and recipe creator from Kildare Town. Kate specialises in combining her two passions in life, cooking and craft beer, she has created the fabulous Brennan’s Chocolate Truffles using the Original beer, these will be available in Gift Boxes for Christmas.
Brennan’s Original and Brennan’s Original Beer Chilli Sauce is available in stores throughout Dublin and the South east and is now being distrubuted to stores nationwide, If stores are interested in stocking Brennan’s Products they can contact us direct on 089 243 6426 or by email at info@thebrennansbrewery.com .