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“As is the case around the world, the demand for alcohol gel is at unprecedentedly high levels in Ireland and is set to remain so for the foreseeable period. Alcohol gel plays a vital part in the frontline efforts of those who are fighting to contain COVID-19. Like so many, Irish Distillers is doing what we can at a time of crisis, which is why we are providing large-scale quantities of alcohol free of charge to support the production of hand sanitiser in Ireland, together with our partners Mervue Laboratories in Cork. In fact, last week we reached the delivery of one million 250ml units to the HSE, with plans to continue to deliver 120,000 units each week going forward. The alcohol gel is being distributed to hospitals and other healthcare facilities. We stand committed to the people and communities of Ireland during this difficult time and we will continue to collaborate with the HSE to ensure our efforts are channelled to greatest effect. We are committed to maintaining supply to the maximum levels possible for as long as possible. We hope that in doing so, it helps our healthcare professionals in their efforts to protect us all.”

Tommy Keane, Production Director at Irish Distillers.