It seems like a new music festival pops up every week. While some may appear to be in it for a fast buck, others like the KnockanStockan Music & Arts Festival, are clearly in it for the love of the music. The team behind the three-day event took 2017 off but are back with a bang this year and celebrating their 11th festival.
In its first year, KnockanStockan featured 40 bands and about 400 attendees. This year, 1000 artists will take to the various stages to entertain the 4,500 strong audience. Acts performing at the event this year include Cathy Davey, AE Mak, The Ocelots, The Scratch and Bitch Falcon, to name just a few.
Bettine McMahon is the marketing and programme coordinator at KnockanStockan. “The festival was really started by a bunch of musicians who wanted to create a platform for themselves and for the musicians they were playing with at the time. We had this idea that if you had 40 bands and if each of them brought their mates, you’d end up with a festival. It started off as a community and that’s why we’ve lasted so long.”
For the 2018 festival and for the first time ever, Carlsberg will be collaborating with KnockanStockan on the Unfiltered Stage, a new venue space with a Danish twist. Boasting some of the best views across the site, the Unfiltered Stage will be a sit-down space during the day before being taken over by bands and DJs in the evening. “We’re really excited to work with a sponsor that wants to bring something to the festival that attendees will really enjoy. KnockanStockan has always been a ‘bring your own booze’ event and that won’t change; we’re delighted that Carlsberg supports this ethos. They proved the right fit for ourselves and they’re just really keen to support both the festival and the new acts that will be playing this year.” KnockanStockan takes place on the 27th, 28th and 29th of July and as always, the festival takes place in Blessington Lakes, Co. Wicklow.