Launched in 2013, LOLEA is a craft-made sangria from the Northeast of Spain, with just 7% alc. content, based on an exclusive recipe combining high quality wine and fruit. Three versions have just become available in Ireland: LOLEA No. 1 (made with red wine), LOLEA No. 2 (made with white wine) and LOLEA no. 5 (the rosé option). All three come in both 75cl (starting from €28.99 RRP) bottles and a 20cl size is also available (starting from €6.00 RRP). In just four years, the brand has become available in over 50 countries, Ireland being the most recent export addition.

LOLEA lightly sparkling sangria variants are all 100% natural, delicious and light. Thoughtfully crafted from the best grape varietals in Spain. Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon is used in LOLEA No. 1, Macabeo and Chardonnay grapes are used for LOLEA No. 2 and Garnacha grapes are used for the Rosé option. The brand uses natural citric juices from the East Coast of Spain to enhance their delicious and distinct sangria flavour. A spicy cinnamon punch in the red, vanilla in the white and finally, a touch of light carbonation is added. All LOLEA flavour options are non-pasteurized, with no preservatives.

Antonio Salinas, LOLEA ‘s Zone Director for Europe, said about the brand’s expansion into Ireland: “We are very excited to finally bring LOLEA to Ireland. LOLEA provides a unique experience of contemporary Spain and it is synonymous with social gatherings, celebration and joy. LOLEA is an all-natural, artisanal, refreshing drink to be enjoyed with family and friends. We think that these personality traits of LOLEA fit in perfectly with the modern, stylish Irish consumer, and hence launching here is really exciting for us.”