Bulmers has transformed its brand, with all references to ‘time’ and ‘time honoured traditions’ completely discarded. Instead, a new advertising campaign scans the scene at a Dublin party. Using statistics to make sharp observations about life in Ireland, the ads show a DJ who has only an eight per cent clue what the buttons on his decks do, while a guy in a suit having a boogie is 99% sure he is at the wrong party. But regardless of the statistics, there is always one thing that is 100% Irish – Bulmers. The new Bulmers TV ad went live on St Patrick’s Day and, to accompany the launch, Bulmers’ packaging has also been completely revamped. The new Bulmers Original copper-toned packaging reflects the liquid colour of the cider. Bulmers Original is available on draught, in a pint bottle, 330ml bottle, and 500ml cans. Bulmers Light, with the same ABV of 4.5% but with just 92 calories, will mirror the new look and feel of Bulmers Original, but with a silver colour palette. Bulmers has also launched a new, sweeter cider called Outcider. The brand’s in your face artwork has been designed by Dublin graffiti artist, James Earley. It is now available in the on-trade on draught and in the off-trade in 500ml can and eight-pack can formats, with an ABV of 4.5%