Bermar’s Verre de Vin Tower, distributed in Ireland by Febvre Wine Company,
is destined to become the system of choice for many bars and hotels around the world.

Bermar’s latest wine preservation model, Le Verre de Vin Tower, which can be placed anywhere in the bar or restaurant, preserves any open bottle of wine or Champagne for 21 days in perfect serving conditions. And Febvre claims that the compact counter-top unit still offers the 21st century’s answer to the serving of wine by the glass. The Bermar Le Verre de Vin system was developed with the assistance and input of many global wine makers. Where the latest model scores is that it does not need any installation – a customer can just plug it in and go. It is so flexible that it can be added and placed in any space to a bar – it does not take up much room and can also be taken to outside catering jobs such as race-meetings, weddings, launches, pop-up restaurants etc. to serve the wine by the glass in perfect condition. Most importantly, with the growing market for good wine by the glass, Febvre claims that any hotel or bar using the Bermar Tower will increase the value of wine sales by an average of 25% because of no wastage, and increase the volume of sales by 12%.  And, they avoid the question: “How long has that bottle been open?” The system works by removing oxygen from the open bottle of wine to a precisely controlled level and so preserves wine without any risk to its subtle structure. It prevents the release of the naturally occurring CO2 in Champagnes and sparkling wines, ensuring that the fizz stays locked in and any issue of oxidisation is eliminated. Its proven preservation technology has interactive resealing preservation with illuminated nozzles that are amber to start the resealing and turn green when completed. Febvre says that the systems are fully guaranteed and any bar person can be fully confident of serving wines exactly as they should be. The ‘Portable Tower’ is available in two colours – satin black and classic stainless steel – and is available in three models – one has a dual system for both still and sparkling wines and there are two individual Towers that work for still wine only or Champagne and sparkling wines only. The Bermar wine preservation system is used by 45,000 hotels and bars around the world.